BCYFCA Tie Breaking Procedure
BCYFCA Football Rule 7

Section 7. Football Championships & Playoffs

7.1 Teams within each division will be ranked by highest season win/lost percentage (number of games won divided by number of games played, then by head-to-head sweep (the tied team that has defeated all other tied teams in games among the tied teams, then by strength of schedule (number of opponent wins divided by the number of opponent games).

7.2 Games that have been forfeited shall be counted with equal weight in the calculation of the win/lost percentage as if the game had been played.

Games that have been cancelled by the BCYFCA shall be counted in the calculation of team rankings as if they had never been scheduled.

7.4 A maximum of eight (8) teams shall qualify for the playoffs from each tackle division. Teams will be seeded into the playoffs according to their regular season rankings within their division.

7.4.1 At the end of the regular season, if two teams are tied for the County Championship or for last place in playoff seeding, then the winner of a game of regulation length played between the two tied teams shall determine seeding.

7.4.2 At the end of the regular season, if 3 or more teams are tied for the County Championship or for fewer than the number of available last places in the playoff seeding, then the winner(s) of a half game, single elimination playoff among the tied teams will be seeded into the last available places in the playoff. Seeding in this tie breaking playoff will be determined randomly (e.g., by lot) in the presence of representatives of the leagues that are tied and the BCYFCA.

7.4.3 At the regular season, any tied teams that will not be eliminated by playoff seeding shall be seeded randomly (including first place).

7.4.4. All tie breaking games shall be played at locations and times determined by the BCYFCA Executive Board.

7.3 At the conclusion of the regular season, the highest ranked team in each division shall be the BCYFCA County Champion for that division.

7.4 The playoff system will be set as follows:

7.4.1 In the first round, the 8th seed will play the 1st seed; the 7th seed will play the 2nd seed; the 6th seed will play the 3rd seed; and the 5th seed will play the 4th seed.

7.4.2 In the second round of the playoffs, the winner of the 1st vs 8th seed game plays the winner of the 4th vs 5th seed game; and the winner of the 2nd vs 7th seed game plays the winner of the 3rd vs 6th seed game.

7.5 The first round playoff games will be hosted by four member leagues. First round of playoffs site will be determined before roster verification. Games played at each field are shown in Table 2.

7.6 The second round playoff games will be hosted by the higher seeded team.

Table 2. Round 1 Playoff Field Games
Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4
JK 8-1 JK 7-2 JK 5-4 JK 6-3
RK 5-4 RK 6-3 BT 5-4 BT 6-3
RK 8-1 RK 7-2 BT 8-1 BT 7-2
MM 5-4 MM 6-3 JR 5-4 JR 6-3
MM 8-1 MM 7-2 JR 8-1 JR 7-2
PW 5-4 PW 6-3 SR 5-4 SR 6-3
PW 8-1 PW 7-2 SR 8-1 SR 7-2

7.7 The County Champions receives a County Championship Trophy.

7.8 The Super Bowl Champions shall receive $125.00 plus a Super Bowl Championship Trophy.